Metrics for Social Media ROI

 Metrics for Social Media ROI

Which Metrics to watch for to determine ROI for Social Media?

How to Get the Best ROI from Social Media?

Balancing the cost of output should not be higher than what you receive back from Social Media Ads. Measuring success is a key factor to determine to continue or to kill Social Media Ads.

Social media metrics

The most recent case study shows that nearly 75% of Online Business is not watching the Right Metrics for Social Media. Below we will discuss 5 ways to increase ROI on Social Media Platforms.

Metrics for Social Media

First Set Up Social Media Goals:

  • Define your target audience
  • Research your market competitors

Goals can be Sales or Generate Leads. When focus on one goal is easier to track ROI parameters and makes it ready to earn more.

Second Set-Up Time and Schedule for Goals will help track the progress and movement towards better ROI outcomes. When setting up measures and accurate time for goals we make it more attainable to reach.

Third Set- Up the Right Metrics to watch for to reduce cost and to optimize ROI.

For example, if we are aiming for a higher Conversion Rate, should focus on CTR- Click-through Rate Metrics to monitor cost for each conversion.

CTR Click through rate

Metrics for Social Media

Four keep track of labor cost Vs. time spent on Social Media. The less time spent on Social Media is the more time we can spend on other projects. to reach better ROI you must account for all costs for Social Media labor.

Five after you have gone all over the steps above it is time now to Grow. Businesses can do some marketing or all marketing depending on many factors:

  • WorkForce
  • Budget
  • Experience

Social Media ROI Businesses can improve ROI by reducing Labor Cost, or by track the Right Metrics. Businesses can do some of the work or Hire an agency.

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