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Owning a piece of art or unique collectible that can be turned into a digital asset.

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Samer A. is a global digital & social media marketing expert.  Taken many successful project launches in the Metaverse NFT, Crypto, and Blockchain.

Samer has gotten early in the Web3 space and has been able to acquire extensive knowledge and experience.

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Is it over for NFTs?

Is it over for NFTs?

NFTs are a new digital asset class that has been introduced by blockchain technology. They have many use cases, but it is not clear if they will be able to replace cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the future. NFTs are created using smart contracts and are often used...

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Are you safe with Cryptocurrency?

Are you safe with Cryptocurrency?

The future of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that relies on cryptography to generate and secure its transactions. It is a decentralized currency, meaning it doesn’t rely on banks or other institutions to process transactions. Any government...

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What is NFT?

👉NFT stand for Non-fungible tokens. They’re digital assets that depict real-world elements such as in-game items, music, films, and art. They’re bought and traded online, often using crypto, and are usually encrypted with identical hardware to other cryptocurrencies

How to buy NFT?

👉NFT marketplace like Opensea, Mintable, Rariable.. Are great to search for your next NFT purchase.

What is Mint?

👉 Minting is the process of transforming a digital asset into the Blockchain. 

How to sell my NFT?

👉Selling your NFT is a process that can be easily accomplished by following simple steps. Check my blog.

Do you offer NFT consultation?

👉Yes, I will be happy to take a look at your project and provide my opinion on how to improve it.

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