How to start a Blog?

 How to start a Blog?

How to start a blog, the ultimate guide for Blogging in 2021.

Learn how to start a Blog, The fastest way to your financial freedom.

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Want to start a blog? looking for a startup? or you are looking for side income/passive income?

How to start a Blog?

I have been blogging for so long that we even can not remember!

Why Blogging?

Simple is passion, and I turned our passion into a business!

So are you.

Lets me put it that way, you are in the right place at the right time, reading this!

What you can do?

Answer: Take Action, Start a Blog.

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How to start a Blog?

In this article, I will share with you how to start a blog with zero experience and tiny cost.

Now let me forget about fancy long tutorials, I will try to simplify the steps, or let’s call it start your blog in 10 Min!

How to start a blog:

You will need: self-hosting + wordpress= Hosting place your blog online.
WordPress places your words into blog format.

Easily you can get both from here.

1. click on the link above (Discounted link for Hosting+WordPress)

2. Look for the Choice Plus Plan (What I use all the time)

3. Chose a Domain name for your blog (make it related to the Topic/ Niche of startup)

4. Fill out the account form

5. Choose account plan (all plans comes with 30 days money-back guarantee)

6. leave package extras blank

7. follow on-screen instructions and choose:  Blog

8. skip theme selection (we will dive into this later)

9. click on WordPress found in the top right of the BlueHost dashboard.

10. Write your first post.

After you completed the step above and secured both Hosting + WordPress, let us dive into the next steps.

Congrats now you are a Blogger.

Fun facts:

I select a theme based on the content I am going to post.

Blogging is not complicated, it is like wave riding, once you are there the fun starts.

I start writing immediately, in order to gain traffic.

I am paid through an affiliate, so can you.

About Me

A full-stack digital marketing expert with experience consulting and managing NFT projects.  Samer provides A-Z NFT development:

👉 NFT graphics design 2/3D
👉 NFT collection generation (traits, characters, accessories…)
👉 NFT smart contract ERC 721- 1155
👉 NFT website development
👉 NFT marketplace setup (Opensea)

“I enjoy collaborating to create high-converting NFT projects”.

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