What is Paid Marketing?

 What is Paid Marketing?

Paid marketing is an easy and fast digital marketing strategy for startups to enhance their visibility. Let me bring some Facts:

Fact 1:People don’t know new businesses.

Fact 2: People don’t know that your business exists.

Fact 3: People will not look your business up by name!

paid marketing

It is especially difficult to build the first few hundred followers.

Once you have a following, even if it is small in size, it will bring more followers for you.

Because people discuss, refer, and share what they like.

Opting for paid marketing won’t be a bad idea to give your business a boost start.

In 2014, $137.53 Billion were spent just on online advertising. It was one-quarter of total media ad spending that year. The use of online advertising has grown even more.

There are many platforms that offer online paid marketing – the two most effective among them are Facebook and Google Adwords.

Paid marketing

Another great service you can opt-in for social media is Paid Marketing using Content marketing Platforms, Like Content Studio

paid marketing

Content Studio is a very powerful tool for paid Content marketing it allows you:

  • Analyze and share only top-performing content
  • Plan what to post or when to post
  • Schedule posts ahead of time
  • Direct Instagram Publishing tool
I have been using Content Studio for my Paid marketing, in fact, you are reaching this post using the Content Studio Schedule feature.
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A full-stack digital marketing expert with experience consulting and managing NFT projects.  Samer provides A-Z NFT development:

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👉 NFT website development
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“I enjoy collaborating to create high-converting NFT projects”.

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